Our Value Proposition

We provide our clients Countermeasures against Web Hacking (such as Defacement, Drive-by downloads etc.) based on our very own innovative patented technologies and knowhow in monitoring and restoration.

What happens when your Web gets hacked ?
We provide our clients with quick time alerts in the event of a web hack. Our high fidelity in monitoring the web, either by pixel image or by content integrity, provides the client with a high level of assurance and reliability, with far less false positives.

How can I buy more time when my Web get hacked ?
We provide our clients with the latest version of a Secure Replica of their Web – one that removes all the security vulnerabilities, so that their Web cannot be easily hacked again. We give our clients the time and space to recover and take the necessary remedial action, while the Secure Replica maintains their public Web presence.

Our Accolades

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Our Track Record

60+ Million
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