We are pleased to announce that we have now evolved into Cloudsine Pte Ltd with effect from 1 Mar 2019.

When we started as Banff Cyber in 2012, we helped many customers secure and monitor their websites and web applications with our WebOrion solution. We have used cloud for our development, security monitoring, devops, analytics and innovation every single day since 2012.

We are personally amazed at how the cloud adoption has grown drastically and a public cloud provider such as AWS has increased their cloud offerings from about 15 services to >140 services today.
As cloud natives, we hope to use our cloud expertise and DNA to help more organizations adopt, secure and innovate in the cloud.

WebOrion will continue normal operations as part of Cloudsine Ptd Ltd.

Please check out our website at https://www.cloudsine.tech for more information.

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