We are BanffCyber

We are a group of cyber security professionals specializing in network and web technologies and services. With the increased frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, there is a great need to have advanced solutions and skilled professionals to help organizations overcome the cyber challenges ahead. We delight in creating innovative security products to help organizations deal with these cyber attacks.

Concerned about your website being defaced?

Cyber attacks and website defacements are on the rise. These can lead to loss of reputation and trust with your customers and partners. Enhance your website integrity and proactive detection with our WebOrion Defacement Monitor with patented image analytics.

Anxious to restore your defaced website quickly?

Full restoration of a defaced website typically takes a few days as security consultants need to ensure the compromised system does not get breached a second time.  Our new and innovative WebOrion Restorer can provide a Secure Replica to restore the web presence in a fast and safe manner.

Curious about IPv6 security issues?

Is IPv6 more or less secure than IPv4? IPv6 is becoming more commonly deployed due to the exhaustion of IPv4. However, neighbor discovery, transition mechanisms and extension headers are new in IPv6 and bring new security threats. Contact us to find out more about these threats and how to mitigate them.

Keen to beef up your security skillsets?

Security threats are rapidly evolving. New vulnerabilities, exploits and attack techniques appear on a daily basis. We partner with the widely established SANS Institute to help you beef up your security skillsets in incident handling, penetration testing and forensics.

News & Events

Banff Cyber Rises To Top 250 in Global Cybersecurity 500 Rankings

Banff Cyber has risen to be among the top 250 in the 1Q 2016 Cybersecurity 500 ranking of the hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies globally. This list is provided by CyberSecurity Ventures (cybersecurityventures.com) which is a global research and market intelligence based in Menlo Park, California. Matthias Chin, Founder and CEO of Banff Cyber, says “We are glad to be listed in the Cybersecurity 500 list, which recognises innovative cybersecurity companies globally.  We have been focused on growing our business and have added many large enterprises in financial, healthcare and transport sectors to our customer base.  There is an […]

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