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Banff Cyber is listed among the hottest and most innovative CyberSecurity Companies


Banff Cyber is pleased to announce that we have been listed in the CyberSecurity 500 List for Q2 2015 as one of the hottest and most innovative CyberSecurity Companies. This list is provided by CyberSecurity Ventures ( which is a global research and market intelligence based in Menlo Park, California.

Matthias Chin, Founder and CEO of Banff Cyber, says “We are proud to be listed as one of the Top 500 hottest and most innovative Cybersecurity companies. It is a recognition of the hardwork the entire team has put in to build great security products and to help our customers address many of the cyber security problems they faced. The recognition will inspire our team to work harder and to come up with better and cost effective security solutions for our customers.”

According to the research company, the selection criteria for the Cybersecurity 500 list includes some or all of the following:

  • Cybersecurity Sector (market category)
  • Problem(s) Solved
  • Customer Base
  • Feedback from CISOs and Decision Makers
  • Feedback from IT Security Evaluators & Recommenders
  • Feedback from VARs, SIs and Consultants
  • VC Funding
  • Company Growth
  • Published Product Reviews
  • Demos and Presentations at Conferences
  • Corporate Marketing and Branding
  • Media Coverage
  • Notable Implementations
  • Founder and Management Pedigree
  • Interviews with Senior Management

“We continuously look at thousands of companies for inclusion in the Cybersecurity 500, by soliciting feedback from CISOs, IT security practitioners and service providers, and researching hundreds of cybersecurity events and news sources that we follow” says Steve Morgan, founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures, and Editor-In-Chief of the Cybersecurity 500.

Banff Cyber is listed as #468 on the reputable list which includes well-known names such as Fireeye, RSA, IBM and Alienvault.


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