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Banff Cyber Listed as Top 25 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers in APAC CIO Outlook Magazine


Banff Cyber is pleased to be listed as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers in the Nov 215 Edition of the APAC CIO Outlook Magazine. According to the magazine, “ the list highlights some of the most prominent organizations in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond advisory levels. They can deliver real solutions to the ground. This list intends to assist individuals and corporations to find the right Enterprise Security solution providers who can fulfil their specific requirements, and help streamline business processes and build a perfect security shield around their businesses.”

Excerpt from APAC CIO OUTLOOK Nov 2015

Banff Cyber: The Network and Web Security Expert

As the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks increases every day, it is crucial for organizations to focus on cyber security irrespective of their industry. The cyber security market needs multi-faceted security in order to protect, detect cyber threats, respond to the threats and provide remedies to the cyber threats. Employing their patent pending WebOrion Solution, Banff Cyber detects and unravels their customers’ web security issues using their unique analytics algorithms. The organization has been filling these industry gaps by providing innovative and end-to-end cyber security solutions to help clients proactively deal with current and future threats. Their wide-ranging solutions include monitoring, restoration and innovating new solutions which will be able to meet the actual prerequisites of the cyber security market.

Banff Cyber was incorporated in 2012, after its founders acquired an in depth knowledge of the market and comprehended the solution gaps in the cyber security market. Since then, the company has been providing robust security solutions utilizing their product – WebOrion Anti Web Defacement Monitor, which has positioned them as a pioneer among the enterprise customers in the banks, telcos, education and government sectors in the Asia Pacific region. Aiming to provide quality services to their clients, the company stays in a continuous process of monitoring and upgradation. Matthias Chin, CEO, Banff Cyber says, “We are driven by our core values of excellence, passion and customer focus. We continuously improve ourselves, our system and our processes so that better products and services are delivered to our customers. Our leadership team closely monitors the customer support so that we provide the best possible quality support to our customers.”

With the company’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, the company has also been providing several consultancy and training services to ensure their clients’ security. Their consultancy services include IPv6 security consulting, cyber security strategy & consulting and security operations centre design & architecture. Their training services are related to SANS cyber security training in Singapore and IPv6 Security training.

Providing such in-depth solutions, the company has earned prestigious awards, namely 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Companies, Cybersecurity 500 List by Cyber Security Ventures and is edging towards a more secured and promising future, where they will put more effort in innovation every 1-2 years, in order to provide better cyber security solutions for CEOs, CIOs and CSOs. “Cyber security will become more important in the coming days with the continued growth of the Internet, mobile connectivity and Internet of Things. Besides our existing portfolio, we are continuously innovating and creating new products that can help organizations better deal with the fast evolving cyber threats. Our aspirations are to help more customers on a global scale and to have both sales and technical support in each of the major continents in 1-3 years’ time,” concludes Matthias with confidence.

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