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Press Release: AWM is now WebOrion Defacement Monitor

Banff Cyber Technologies re-brands its flagship product as WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor with enhanced defacement- monitoring capabilities

WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor offers advanced web monitoring performance and usability with its additional features

SINGAPORE, 3 rd July, 2014 – Banff Cyber Technologies is re-branding its Advanced Web Monitoring (AWM) solution to WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor. This new version will have improved work-flow management, enhanced detection engines and more flexible deployment models.

Unlike other web monitoring tools, WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor focuses specifically on monitoring defacement and is suitable for dynamic websites WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor has the following enhancements:

  1. Improved work-flow management – The new version allows security and web content administrators to collaborate more easily to protect the integrity of their websites. New features include incident acknowledgments, re-baselining via emails and better incident details, to allow improved interaction between security personnel and web content-management teams. This enhanced workflow is especially important in large companies where multiple teams are responsible for the websites.
  2. Enhanced detection engines – The detection engines have been enhanced to detect multiple sets of unauthorised changes to websites and to trigger relevant alerts. In addition, the interface now allows users to have more granular controls on the HTML elements such as javascripts and iframes to be monitored.
  3. More flexible deployment models- The tool is now available as a virtual appliance that can be owned by customers and can be deployed in a VMWare or Public Cloud environment. This allows users greater flexibility to choose the deployment model that best suits their security and operations requirements.

“Web defacement is considered a Severity 1 (highest) security incident in many large organisations. However, security controls for making changes to web content are typically very lax, to allow non-IT-personnel to update content easily. With our WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor, it not only helps the security team to immediately keep a close watch for defacement, it is also a catalyst to improve web content change management,” says Mr Matthias Chin, Founder and Director of Banff Cyber Technologies.

According to Zone-H, an archive of defaced websites, there are 60,000 to 120,000 of defacement incidents every month on a global scale. Many organisations may not be aware that their websites are vulnerable to malicious threats and hacks, and thus making it an easier target for hackers to vandalize the web contents.

“When a web defacement occurs and it is detected by the public before the internal IT team does, it can damage the reputation of the company. Using our Defacement Monitor allows the IT team to be proactive in detecting security breaches quickly and fixing it before it escalates into a public embarrassment for the organisation. To date, AWM has been used by Forbes Global 2000 companies including banks, telcos, government agencies and other large listed companies to protect their companies’ reputation. I believe our new version, WebOrionTMDefacement Monitor, will add even more value to our clients,” remarked Mr Chin. In addition to reaching out to customers directly,

BanffCyber has appointed Transition Systems as its regional distributor for WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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