Knowledge Base / News/Press Release: Banff Cyber Technologies launches its new product, “WebOrion Restorer”, to preserve original website even after defacement

Press Release: Banff Cyber Technologies launches its new product, “WebOrion Restorer”, to preserve original website even after defacement

Banff Cyber Technologies Pte Ltd has launched a new solution, “WebOrionTM Restorer”, that can automatically restore websites after defacement. The WebOrionTM Restorer creates a Secure Replica that closely resembles the original website and removes security vulnerabilities in the event of cyber attacks. This will help to preserve web reputation of organisations as the general public will be able to access an identical (or replicated) corporate website even in the event of defacement.

“The integrity and security of corporate websites are very important because it represents the reputation and trustworthiness of organisations. Incidences of website-attacks may shake the confidence of investors and customers towards that organisation,” says Mr Matthias Chin, Founder and CEO of Banff Cyber Technologies.

In the event of a web defacement, WebOrionTM Restorer can be designed to restore a website automatically, or be programmed for restoration with just one-click by a user. Additionally, WebOrionTM Restorer is not constrained by the web platform or architecture, as it uses a separate appliance to crawl and copy the original website. This allows Restorer to work easily with websites hosted on Windows or Unix, those using Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla, and even those with databases such as SQL. This reduced reliance on platform and architecture saves time and effort for this restoration solution to work.

“Many organisations are focused solely on protection of websites through the use of firewalls or intrusion prevention systems. However, no protection is water-tight, and there’s a need to detect and restore websites after being attacked. Our existing product, WebOrionTM Defacement Monitor, and our new product WebOrionTM Restorer can work hand-in-hand to help with these steps. With our solutions, organisations can consistently show a decent corporate website, even in the face of attacks, and have time to do back-end incident handling and forensics processes,” elaborated Mr Chin.

WebOrionTM Restorer works by crawling and copying the contents of a website, and then creating a Secure Replica (SR) of that site. The Secure Replica will:

  • replicate 80-90% of the look and feel of the original websites,
  • disable some of the scripts and functionalities of the website, and
  • disable potential security loopholes associated with things such as SQL-injection and Cross Site Scripting.

Due to the Secure Replica, it is highly unlikely that the attacker can use the same security loophole to compromise or deface the web server within a short time span. This allows organisations to project the image of “business as usual”, as cyber-security personnel work in the background to complete the full restoration.

WebOrionTM Restorer will be available to the public from 22-July onwards, and be showcased at RSA Security Conference, Booth E10 on 22-23July, at Marina Bay Sands.

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