Ransomware Attacks and How They Affect Your Website

Ransomware Attacks and How They Affect Your Website Ransomware is an especially nasty attack that holds your data hostage until you pay the attacker a fee. This fee can be anywhere from $50 to several thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay, usually the attacker continues to increase the fee until you are forced to wipe your server’s hard drive and start over. Unless you have a backup, ransomware is an incredibly expensive malware to have on your server — both in terms of recovery time and lost data. One of the biggest mistakes webmasters make is thinking that it […]

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Six Ways A Website Can Be Hacked

In today’s world, one must think twice before claiming that (s)he is safe from hackers. Be it ordinary individuals, small companies, large technology corporations or even governments with vast resources, it seems everybody falls victim to a hacking incident these days. We collected the top 6 risk factors affecting most websites. The list aims to give you a quick 360 panorama on the security risks of websites. 1. Web Application Vulnerabilities – it (usually) begins with an encoded escape character… A significant portion of vulnerabilities emerge due to lack of sufficient input validation controls, where user supplied input “somehow” makes […]

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AISA Conference 2016, Sydney

BanffCyber was one of the sponsors for the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) National Conference & Exhibition.  The 2-day event, was held from the 19-20th October, at the Four Points by Sheraton, Darling Harbour, Sydney.      

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