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WebOrion™ Restorer

Swift Restoration of Defaced Website

When an unwanted defacement event happens to your website, do you have an easy solution to restore it back to normal? Are you restoring the same security vulnerabilities back?

WebOrion™ Restorer allows you to swiftly restore your web presence using a Secure Replica while you work backend to investigate –  all done in a straightforward and effortless way.

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Easy and automated restoration

Restoration can be triggered automatically upon detection or through 1-click intervention.

Reduced reliance on platform and architecture

Works on both Unix and Windows environments, as well as any type of CMS.

Intelligently creates Secure Replica

A Secure Replica of the website is created on Day 1 that strips off security vulnerabilities, yet preserves most of the look and feel of the original website.


How WebOrion™ Restorer Can Benefit Your Organisation

Zero server footprint

No software agent is required to be installed on the webserver.

Gain more control

Simpler restoration allows faster reaction to a defacement and protection of the organisation’s web reputation.

Manage your Replicas easily

This feature allows the creation of Secure Replicas based on both ad-hoc and scheduled basis.  Customer can also preview and choose the most appropriate replica for each website.

Deployment Architecture and its Main Functionalities (5Cs)

WebOrion Restorer is an on-site appliance deployed in your organisation’s network. It is best deployed in conjunction with a Load Balancer or in-line  to your webserver. Once it is installed, it will work as follows:


On day one, it will crawl your website and identify all the pages to be replicated.


After the crawl, it starts a copying process where it replicates all the pages.


It then strips off the vulnerabilities and creates a Secure Replica of the original website.


In inline mode, it will allow traffic to flow to the web server in a normal scenario. In the event of a defacement, traffic will be redirected to the Restorer with the Secure Replica.


The Restorer will be commissioned to serve out the replicated webpages to preserve the organisation’s Web Reputation in the event of a defacement.

Secure Replica Creation

In our Saas edition, the subscriber first needs to login to the Self Service Portal to replicate the domain to be restored. It includes going through a crawl and copy process over the internet before creating a secure replica of the original website. You can create customized secure replica settings to modify the replica to strip off vulnerabilities that might exist on your websites.

You can manage different replicas and select the replica that you wish to restore to during a failover. In an event of a defacement, failover can be done by switching web traffic to our WebOrion™ Restorer.

WebOrion™ Restorer Deployment Model

Our WebOrion™ Restorer is available in multiple deployment options to meet Enterprise customer needs. This includes Enterprise SaaS, On-Premise physical and virtual appliances. Please feel free to contact us at for pricing information.

Enterprise SaaS

For Enterprise SaaS, our advanced technology provides different restorer packages to meet the requirements for your website.

WebOrion™ Restorer

Small Medium Large
Size Of Website Up to 500 webpages Up to 1000 webpages Up to 2000 webpages
Total Replica Storage Size 50 GB 200 GB 800 GB
Professional Services 3 mandays per domain 3 mandays per domain 3 mandays per domain
Replication Schedule Once Per Day Once Per Day Once Per Day
Max HTTP(s) Requests Per Second 250 500 1000
Max Data Out Per Month 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
Enterprise On-Premise Appliance

Physical Appliance

WR-ASV-100 WR-ASV-500 WR-ASV-1000
Max No. of URLs 500 1000 2000
HDD 150GB Available for replicas 300GB Available for replicas 600GB Available for replicas
Form Factor 1RU 1RU 1RU
Enclosure Fits 19-inch rack Fits 19-inch rack Fits 19-inch rack
Power Supplies 495W (1+1 hot swap) 750W (1+1 hot swap) 1100W (1+1 hot swap)
Max Weight (kg) 19.8 kg 19.8 kg 32.5 kg
Size (WxDxH) 48.2cm x 78.5cm x 4.28cm 48.2cm x 78.5cm x 4.28cm 48.2cm x 75.5cm x 8.73cm
Network Ports 4 x 10/100/1000BT 6 x 10/100/1000BT 8 x 10/100/1000BT

Virtual Appliance

WR-VX-100 WR-VX-500 WR-VX-1000
Max No. of URLs 500 1000 2000
Hypervisor &
Cloud Support
VMWare, Microsoft HyperV,
Amazon AMI and Azure
VMWare, Microsoft HyperV,
Amazon AMI and Azure
VMWare, Microsoft HyperV,
Amazon AMI and Azure
vCPU support
2/4 4/8 6/16
Memory (min/max) 4GB/16GB 6GB/32GB 8GB/64GB
Storage (min/max) 80GB/2TB 160GB/2TB 320GB/2TB
Network Interface Support 2/10 2/10 2/10