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Web Security Platform

What is WebOrion™ Security Platform?

Our WebOrion Security Platform(WSP) is a set of core technologies designed and built internally by our team of security researchers and engineers over many years to provide the next generation of cutting edge technologies to deal with latest cyber threats. It is made up of patent pending components such as our Content, Integrity and Image Analytics Engines, Secure Replica Creation engines, high speed WAF engines and next generation machine learning and security analytics engines. The WSP is built to be powerful, highly scalable and flexible enough to integrate with 3rd party components using API gateways.

Building on the core technological foundations of WSP, we have developed WebOrion Enterprise and WebOrion Business that caters to different segments of customers. WebOrion Enterprise has more enterprise centric features such as role-based access control (RBAC), federated dashboards, integrations with SIEM and on-premise features. WebOrion Business caters to small and mid-sized businesses that want an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable self-service portal.











Simple, comprehensive & adaptive web security approach for small
and mid sized businesses.

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Designed and tailored for Enterprise customer needs.

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